Have you been charging with recruiting and hiring a new employee? Whether you’re increasing your sales force or expanding an operations department, there are several fundamental components to the hiring process that should be addressed to achieve the positive results you’re no doubt aiming for. Smart organizations understand that while the recruiting and onboarding process is costly, high employee turnover rates are even more costly. Follow these recommendations from the Human Resource professionals to alight the position and your recruiting efforts to attract and retain the best employee possible.

In order attract quality applicants, you need to be a quality company. As the hiring manager, you will become the face of the company. When crafting the job description and necessary qualifications be as specific as possible. If you cast a wide net, you’ll get a lot of fish. It only takes one quality applicant. By being specific in your needs you’ll be more apt to attract appropriately qualified candidates.

Prior to scheduling the interview, have a list of key questions to ask. Line up meetings with other stake holders should you deem an applicant substantial enough to continue along the interview process. Remind yourself that the interview is a two way street. In a job market or industry with low unemployment, the applicants can be more selective.  The interview is not only an opportunity for you to determine if the applicant is well suited for the specific position and your company, but it is also clearly an opportunity for the applicant to determine if the position and company are in line with their career goals and personal character. In essence, as the hiring manager, you are also being interviewed.

The most important thing to wear to an interview, whether you’re the hiring manager or the applicant, is a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. Not only should you have expectations that the candidate dress professionally, you should have the same expectations for yourself. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupon and invest in a pair of classic shoes from Nine West. Best of luck in landing the most qualified candidate.