In RAID 50 implementation, large arrays are created by mixing parity and block striping of RAID 5 with simple block striping of RAID . It’s essentially a RAID array that’s striped across RAID 5 elements and needs the least 6 drives to configure. A RAID 50 array might fail, rendering your computer data inaccessible. Such situations, you have to switch the array and call File Recovery Service experts to recuperate lost data efficiently.

A Good Example

Generally, RAID 50 turns out to be more fault-tolerant than its counterpart RAID 05, however it can fail. As one example of, consider that you employ three collections of RAID 5 sets, each with storage capacity of 180 GB. These sets are striped together to ensure that to create total variety of capacity 540 GB.

Within the setup described above, the array will stay intact if a person drive from each one of the RAID 5 sets fail and won’t cause data loss. But before the unsuccessful drive is replaced, the whole array remains at anchorman of failure. This means that whenever the very first drive failure, the rest of the drives shouldn’t neglect to prevent array failure. If the remaining drives fail, the array will fail.

The fault tolerance degree of the array also depends upon the way the array is configured. Should you construct three RAID 5 sets that contains seven drives each, it will give you good capacity, and still provide fault-tolerance as high as three drives. However, a wide range with seven RAID 5 sets that contains three drives each will give you lower storage capacity but high fault tolerance as high as seven drives. A dependable construction happens to be an array with three RAID 5 sets that contains six drives each along with a hot space that may provide immediate rebuilding of array on failure.

RAID 50 Recovery

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